Disable Copying Email Address into Email Confirmation Field

Roberto Alverez asked this question in the Formidable Community forum:

How I can disable pasting into the email confirmation field? I need to prevent the users from copying and pasting the confirmation email if it contains errors.

Roberto Alverez—Formidable Community Forum

This is a common requirement and one that needs to be satisfied with JavaScript. Of course, there's nothing that can prevent any user from purposefully entering a fake email address into either the email or email confirmation field. However, if the email address is spelled wrong in the email field, copying and pasting it into confirmation exacerbates the problem.

To make this as bullet proof as possible, this JavaScript snippet not only prevents copying and pasting, but also disables drag and drop and the browser's autocomplete function when targeted at the email confirmation field.

To use this snippet, change "field_conf_29yf4d2" to the input id of your email confirmation field and copy the script into the After Fields area on your form's Customize HTML page.

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  1. Thank you! Disabling copy/paste was very helpful. I couldn’t get the autocomplete to work, but luckily turning off autocomplete for a form field is easy enough in the form HTML. Just change [input] in the specific field to [input autocomplete=”off”]