Formidable Form/Field Keys Easy Display/Edit[digital]

The One Tool Every Formidable Developer Needs!

How many times have you wished you could list a form and all of its fields in order in a tabular format? Or, how often have you dreamed that there was an easier way to edit form/field keys in a bulk edit mode without going through the form builder?

Well..., now you can!

Righteous! Insanely Useful. This will be great for generating technical documentation, too. So. Good. Thanks, Masterminds!

Michael (see comment below)

Write Transportable Code

If you're developing Formidable applications for clients, taking on a new project that was created by someone else, or looking for an easy way to document form=>field relationships for technical artifacts, this is a tool you will use! This shortcode helps you to write transportable code.

How do we know?

Because we wrote this for our developers and writing transportable code is a key principle of our Masterminds Software Development Standards.

Don't know what "transportable code" is? See: Writing Transportable Code: Keys vs. IDs


Place this shortcode in a post or page and the days of drilling down in the form builder to lookup or edit a field key are over. Yes, that's right! With this tool you can edit form/field keys in an Ajax driven interface. It even checks for duplicate keys so you don't unexpectedly create a situation Formidable can't handle later on.

Display Only

Shortcode display only output, great for technical artifacts
Display only output—Great for Technical Artifacts

Edit Enabled

You can also edit all of a form's fields on a single page through jQuery Ajax without using the form builder. The example below is a screen capture of the shortcode's basic output for our site's contact form.

Shortcode output when editing enabled
Shortcode Output with Key Editing Enabled



Showing Ajax updating message
Updating Message While Ajax Works

Duplicate Key

Shortcode duplicate key error alert
Duplicate Key Error Alert

Unknown Error

This error means that something (unknown) went wrong and the WordPress update process couldn't modify the key. We hope you never see this error.

Shortcode unknown error alert
Unknown Error Alert

How to Use

Learn how to use this shortcode to its full advantage by visiting this article: Formidable Form/Field Keys Easy Display/Edit


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  1. Righteous! Insanely Useful. I Have a Milanote doc for one of my more complex builds where I *manually* map stuff. It’s time consuming. This will be great for generating technical documentation, too. So. Good. Thanks, Masterminds!