Default a Toggle Field to Active

If you examine the generated HTML for a Formidable toggle field, you’d see that a toggle field is simply a single value checkbox in disguise. Normally, the toggle field defaults to its inactive state. To default a toggle field to its active state, simply set the fields default value to the same value as the [Read More…]

Writing Transportable Code: Keys vs. IDs

When you drag and drop a field onto a form, two pieces of data to identify the field in code are created. The first, the field’s ID is created by MySQL using an auto increment field. This is a standard methodology used throughout WordPress. WordPress creates an ID for every single data element added to [Read More…]

Happy 10th Birthday Formidable Forms!

On February 6th, Formidable Forms turns 10-years old. To celebrate this milestone event, the Strategy Eleven team is giving away a MacBook Pro, 10 Elite Formidable Forms licenses, and 40% OFF any license for this week only. No purchase necessary to enter the giveaways. To get all the details and and enter for your chance [Read More…]