Developers Directory Terms and Conditions

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Developers Directory Terms and Conditions Definitions

The following definitions apply to this policy:

"We, We've, Our, Ourselves, and Us" mean Formidable Masterminds and its affiliates.

"You, Your, and Yourself" mean You, the Developers Directory registrant.

Welcome to the Developers Directory!

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Congratulations! You are about to embark on a wonderful journey to expand your Formidable Forms educational, business, and collaborative opportunities.

The Developers Directory is globally unique and registration is Free. It's the only one of its kind dedicated to highlighting and marketing your skills, talents, and abilities to a broad Formidable Forms user base seeking to engage with Formidable Forms developers and consultants.

Formidable Masterminds is a well-trafficked site and as we continue to grow our brand, the prospects to grow your bottom line can be limitless, if you take advantage of the privileges and benefits Developers Directory registration offers you.

Who is Eligible?

If you are a freelancer, agency, or developer that has a verifiable track record building business applications featuring Formidable Forms, you are eligible to sign up for inclusion in this directory and access all privileges. You must have a current, paid up support license for Formidable Forms to display your contact details to Developers Directory searchers. We encourage all searchers to check your references and portfolio.

If you are just starting out with Formidable or have no experience with Formidable, you are welcome to sign-up for the Developers Directory but only for access to Developers Corner content, volunteer to maintain the Codex, or contribute meaningful relevant Formidable related tutorials and tips & tricks.


WordPress developers without Formidable Forms experience are not permitted to open a Developer Digital Store or display your entry in directory searches until your Formidable Forms experience becomes evident.

All products sold through the Developer Digital Store must be Formidable Forms centric. WordPress only digital assets are not permitted.

Business Benefits

Brand Recognition

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Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away...ask any WordPress website developer what the go to form builder is and you would’ve inevitably be told "Gravity Forms".

That perception is changing, especially among developers. The Strategy 11 team is spawning a Formidable Forms Golden Age by adapting features that have evolved the product family into an exceptional development tool set that can be used to build expert business solutions.

Formidable Masterminds has never encountered a project requirement that couldn't be solved with Formidable Forms. Formidable's capabilities and flexibility drive a powerful brand recognition that you can leverage by association.

Global Reach/Eclectic Audience

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The Masterminds Developers Directory has an international reach. Truthfully, any site on the Internet has the potential for a world-wide reach. The tens of thousands of visitors Formidable Masterminds hosts each week are from all over the world and represent an audience that extends from new Formidable Forms users to experienced developers and everyone in between.

Developers Corner

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The Developers Corner provides advanced tutorials and content written with developers in mind that have a working knowledge of Formidable Forms.

Other Developers Corner content brings focus to business process improvements to maximize your revenue creation opportunities in the same manner that Troy Dean's Agency Mavericks program provides to WordPress developers and agencies.

Choose Your WordPress Privileges

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When you enroll in the Developers Directory, you have the freedom to choose the WordPress privileges and roles you want. Everyone that registers receives the basic WordPress subscriber role and a custom developer role.

Then, if you choose to increase your presence, you can opt to publish content, volunteer to help maintain the Codex, or even open your own Developer Digital Store where you can market and sell your custom styles, form templates, Formidable applications, and add-ons.

Codex Volunteer

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The Formidable Masterminds Codex is unique. It's the only known Codex in the world dedicated to Formidable Forms Core and add-ons. It is a developer friendly tool. It also requires upkeep to assure its data remains current, accurate, and relevant.

As a continually improving and evolving developer tool, Formidable updates regularly include new features and hooks. These hooks must be documented in the Codex.

According to an ancient proverb, "Many hands make light work." So it is with the Codex.

We need Codex contributors from anyone registered in this directory who is willing to volunteer for worthy achievements.

Would you be willing to help maintain the Codex and share your contributions with the world? Please?... Pretty please??

The work is minimal and lightweight, if shared by many. Training is provided.

In return for your incredibly important and much appreciated help, you will be listed on the Codex Volunteer Contributors page with an optional link to your directory entry and/or Developer Digital Store, if you choose to use those features.

Content Creation

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As a content creator, you can submit posts for tutorials, code snippets or tips and tricks to help market your business and demonstrate your expertise.

If you choose to elevate your WordPress role to contributor, the 45-second elevator pitch you enter on the Developers Directory sign-up form will be used to attribute the content to you at the top of each post similar to the attribution at the top of this post contributed by Rob Levine. Contributed content requires approval by a Formidable Masterminds admin.

Developer Digital Store

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Market and sell your Formidable related downloadable products through your own Developer Digital Store.

Your Developer Digital Store provides you with an incredible opportunity to increase your revenue and demonstrate your skill set.

Please be sure to read and agree to the Developer Digital Store Policy before accepting this privilege.