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Welcome to the Masterminds Developers Resource Center!

All are welcome to use the Developers Resource Center. However, your user experience will be different depending on whether you are enrolled in the Developers Directory or not.

Everyone is free to search the Masterminds Developers Directory. No registration or user id is required to search the directory. We hope that you can find a resource to help you.

Only Developers Directory registrants are able to view Developers Corner content. Developers Corner content provides the deepest level of Formidable programming secrets and tutorials. They assume experienced programming knowledge, but are enlightening enough for anyone just getting started as a Formidable developer to grow their development skills in real world scenarios.

Other than providing access to Developers Corner content, registering in the Directory gives you choices to access additional self-promotion privileges on this site. For example, from the registration form you can choose:

  • to have your record displayed in the Developers Directory search results
  • to help maintain the globally unique Formidable Codex
  • to create your own content to help market yourself or your business
  • to open your own Developer Digital Store to market and sell your Formidable based creations.

Registration also provides you with your own Developer Custom Post Type, that you can use for marketing. Here's the Formidable Masterminds example:

Developers Directory registration and Developers Corner content are free.