Happy 12th Birthday Formidable!

Formidable Forms is turning 12 this week! To honor the day, Strategy 11 is holding a week-long sale offering all of their plans at a discount—new sales and upgrades alike.  Here are the details: When: Jan 31 – Feb 4 What: Up to 60% off Coupon Code: 12YEARS They’re also running a giveaway for something [Read More…]

Formidable Pro V.5.0.14 Includes Welcome Conditional [shortcode] Enhancement

The new Formidable Pro V.5.0.14 release includes a welcome addition to conditional shortcodes. They now accept [else] as a condition. This is from the Formidable Pro readme file: New: Conditional statement shortcodes now support an [else] separator. For example, [if x equals=”something”]Add your content here[else]Content for when x did not equal something here[/if x] will [Read More…]

Stephanie Wells 2017 Podcast

Here’s an interesting find! I just stumbled across this How I Built It podcast from 2017 where the host is interviewing former nurse and Formidable’s creator,  Stephanie Wells. Take a listen… Episode 39: Stephanie Wells & Formidable Forms