Featured Formidable Masterminds Directory Member: Nicky Wong, Indisputable ChartJS 3 Expert

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By personal invitation from Formidable Masterminds, Nicky Wong from the Philippines is now a featured member of the Formidable Masterminds Developers Directory, even though he is "Just Starting Out" with Formidable Forms.

Nicky is the incredibly talented JavaScript developer behind the more than 1,5001 exceptional ChartJS and JavaScript tutorials available on his ChartJS YouTube Channel and on https://chartjs3.com. Nicky creates these tutorials as a volunteer and is partially supported through his Patreon Channel. If you've ever benefited from his work, perhaps you'll consider helping him along with a small donation through Patreon.

Nicky is available to help any Formidable Forms Developer needing assistance with ChartJS projects. Nicky is an "in high demand" talent. Reach out to him and find out if he has the bandwidth to help by using the contact information on his Directory Entry below.

Nicky is new to Formidable and is eager to learn. He has intimate working knowledge of the internals of the open source ChartJS library, which can be difficult for some to learn. He has appreciable skills where it counts for ChartJS: JavaScript and the HTML canvas object; and he makes it all look easy with his clearly taught lessons. He is an indisputable ChartJS expert.

As a developer looking for help with a ChartJS/Formidable Data Integration project. If you can feed Nicky the Formidable data he needs—in the format he needs—for the chart you want, and your design is a fit for the ChartJS library, Formidable Masterminds is confident Nicky can build it for you!

Formidable Masterminds developers learn much from his teachings for our own Chart.js projects and Nicky promises to deliver 5-star service.

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Flag of Philippines

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Just starting out

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Looking for a specific Chart.JS customization? I am here help! I draw and customize charts with Chart.JS 3 in JavaScript. Chart.js is a tricky topic because it requires the ability to translate code into a visual bitmap picture.

Since showing is better than telling. You can view my work to have a better understanding of my experience. I have a YouTube channel that covers many Chart.JS topics. In those videos, I explain how to do it step by step. You can find the link on my website www.chartjs3.com.

Curious? Take a peek and be confident that I can solve your specific Chart.JS 3 customization request.

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I am a Chart.js Version 3 specialist that can help you with colors adjustment, interactive charts with buttons, customize tooltips, adding images within the chart canvas, and many more...

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: Nick Wong

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