Featured Formidable Masterminds Directory Member: Nicky Wong, Indisputable ChartJS 3 Expert

By personal invitation from Formidable Masterminds, Nicky Wong from the Philippines is now a featured member of the Formidable Masterminds Developers Directory, even though he is “Just Starting Out” with Formidable Forms. Nicky is the incredibly talented JavaScript developer behind the more than 1,5001 exceptional ChartJS and JavaScript tutorials available on his ChartJS YouTube Channel [Read More…]

Press This Podcast: “Build Expert Business Solutions With Formidable Forms Featuring Victor Font”

David Vogelpohl of WPEngine interviewed Victor Font of Formidable Masterminds for the Press This podcast. The link below is on iHeart, but you can find this podcast just about anywhere including Apple Podcasts. Press This. The WordPress Community Podcast features exclusive content and interviews with leaders in the WordPress community…. covering everything from development to [Read More…]

Firefox Default Value Bug? The Work Around

Summary We recently encountered a strange bug while working with Firefox in our MacOS development environment. This environment runs Apache 2.4.54, PHP 8.1.8, and MariaDB 10.8.3. The tested browsers are: Firefox 102.0.1 Safari 15.6 Chrome 103.0.5060.134 Firefox Developer Edition 103.0b9 Here’s the issue: While working on a new product release, we modified a form that [Read More…]

Happy 12th Birthday Formidable!

Formidable Forms is turning 12 this week! To honor the day, Strategy 11 is holding a week-long sale offering all of their plans at a discount—new sales and upgrades alike.  Here are the details: When: Jan 31 – Feb 4 What: Up to 60% off Coupon Code: 12YEARS They’re also running a giveaway for something [Read More…]

Formidable Pro V.5.0.14 Includes Welcome Conditional [shortcode] Enhancement

The new Formidable Pro V.5.0.14 release includes a welcome addition to conditional shortcodes. They now accept [else] as a condition. This is from the Formidable Pro readme file: New: Conditional statement shortcodes now support an [else] separator. For example, [if x equals=”something”]Add your content here[else]Content for when x did not equal something here[/if x] will [Read More…]

Stephanie Wells 2017 Podcast

Here’s an interesting find! I just stumbled across this How I Built It podcast from 2017 where the host is interviewing former nurse and Formidable’s creator,  Stephanie Wells. Take a listen… Episode 39: Stephanie Wells & Formidable Forms