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There are many reasons why you may want to disable a form's submit button to prevent entries from being sent from the browser. For example, perhaps you've created a simple calculator form or a demo form for a specific Formidable feature as we do throughout this site. The solution we use is to modify the submit button code on the form's Customize HTML page in the form's settings. This is the code we use:

There are two changes to Formidable's default code in this example. The first is the style="display:none;" added to the div with the frm_submit class. The second is the "disabled" directive added to the submit button code. If you don't disable the submit button, entries will be sent if the user presses their return key.

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  1. I have replaced the code as directed and I get a form where the
    style button gone and the following new lines are displayed
    style= “display.none,”>
    Then a full line with submit in the middle
    And finally a Start Over button
    If I enter values (without hitting the return key on the keyboard but rather just clicking on the mouse) everything looks OK (except for the extra lines specified above). If I hit start over everything seems OK (except for the extra lines specified above). However if I hit return key I get Your responses were successfully submitted. Thank you!
    If I hit the line with submit I also get Your responses were successfully submitted. Thank you!
    I also note that in your new code you have deleted the last line of the original code. I am not familiar with html but would appreciate knowing what I am doing wrong. Also in the settings I have not made any changes to General or Styling and buttons. Thanks for any help

    • You definitely did something wrong. Delete everything in the submit button’s HTML and save the form. Formidable will restore it back to the default. All you have to do is add two small strings: style=”display:none;” and disabled. Follow the directions exactly and it will work. I still use this same technique today for demo forms and forms where I do not collect entries. Formidable also allows you to configure a conditional submit since version v3.02.