Formidable Form/Field Keys Easy Display/Edit Shortcode

Bulk Editor for Form and Field Keys

Thank you for purchasing the Formidable Form/Field Keys Easy Display/Edit Shortcode. We hope you find it as useful for your Formidable development projects as we do for ours.


To install this code, do any of the following:

  • Copy this code into a snippets plugin
  • Copy this code into functions.php
  • Load this as a library using include or require


Basic shortcode to display all forms and fields:


Optional parameters to view one form at a time:

  • [devtool_display_form_fields frm_id=1]—searches by form_id to display single form/field
  • [devtool_display_form_fields frm_key="contact-form"]—searches by form_key to display single form/field

Additional Optional parameters:

  • show_logo—boolean default true, enables/disables Mastermind Developer insignia on single form/field display.

    Example: [devtool_display_form_fields show_logo="false"]

  • enable_edit—boolean default false, enables/disables form/field Ajax key editing. Works for all forms or single display.

    Example: [devtool_display_form_fields enable_edit="true"]

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