Understanding Pro’s Create Post Action Taxonomies

Create Post Form Action

When you upgrade to any Formidable Pro license, you'll receive a new form action for creating WordPress posts from a form entry. It's a delightful addition to your tool set that provides great opportunities for enhancing your site and user experience.

Formidable Pro Create Post Action

As you learn to use the new form action, you will undoubtedly visit Formidable's knowledge base article for the Create Post action. The article provides strong fundamentals and you'll learn a lot. However, it doesn't quite make the grade with its explanation of the Taxonomies/Categories section. This article explains what to expect when you click that little add button.

Create Post action Taxonomies/Categories section

Great Expectations

A common expectation about adding a Taxonomy to a post created by Formidable's Create Post action is that you can use a form field to create a new taxonomy at the same time your post is created. But as you'll learn, that isn't the case at all!

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Confused? Most users are, especially when they read what the knowledge base article says about this section:

Under Taxonomies/Categories, select the fields from the form that you would like to populate with your post categories or other taxonomies.

The fact is when you click the add button, you are presented with a dropdown of the Categories and Tags defined for your post type. Formidable will either create a new checkbox field on your form or populate an existing checkbox, radio button, or dropdown field with all of the taxonomies you've already created for your post type.


The following short video demonstrates how this works. For the demo, we're creating a custom post type named Companies. This post type has two defined taxonomies, city and industry. We'll be displaying the city taxonomy on the form.

Wait! There's more…

If you want to do more than just create a field that displays your post type's taxonomies, make sure to read the Add New Create Post Action Taxonomy tutorial.

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