Form Timer w/ Auto-Submit & Redirect

Form Timer w/ Auto-Submit

Have you ever needed to put a timer on a form?  Running a quiz or test or some type of timed registration?  With Form Timer w/ Auto-Submit you can do just that.  Simply import the purchased JSON file to your Code Snippets Plugin,  add the shortcode to a page or post in WordPress and watch the magic happen.  

When the timer expires, a message is displayed to the user while disabling their ability to interact with the page, all while submitting what has already been filled out on the form.  After a user-defined time passes, the user will be redirected to another page for further instructions (this is also set by the shortcode).

The user attributes are:

Form ID - Set the form you want to display on the page
Time - Time allowed in seconds until the form auto-submits

Red_Time - Break point at which time the timer goes from green to red as a visual reminder to hurry up!

Redirect_URL - enter a url to redirect your users to when the timer expires.

We have found this to be super useful for a handful of applications and it works seamlessly with Formidable Quiz Add-on, conversational style forms etc.  

View Demo Here

An example shortcode would be: [form_timer form_id="247" time="30" red_time="15" redirect_url=""]

***the auto-submit feature will not work if the form has a required field***

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