W3C Accessibility Statement Generator[digital]

What is the W3C? W3C is the acronym for the World Wide Web Consortium. The W3C’s commitment to lead the web to its full potential includes globally promoting a high degree of usability for people with disabilities. The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is a universal drive of the W3C. WCAG 2 International Standard At this [Read More…]

International Dial Codes

Please answer these questions: Does your business attract Global visitors? Do you collect contact information through Formidable Forms for these visitors? Do you want to add an International Dial Code lookup field to your forms to automatically concatenate it to the phone numbers you elicit? Do you want to learn how to do cool things [Read More…]

Gross Profit Margin Calculator

This is the Gross Profit Margin Calculator from the Developers Corner Calculate Gross Margin Percent the Right Way post. You must be registered in the Developers Directory to see this form in context, but anyone is free to download and use it. This free download is provided “AS-IS” without any support from us.

Masterminds Software Development Standards

The Masterminds Software Development Standards is required reading by Formidable Masterminds Developers. It is an enterprise-level standards document, part of any good System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). I should know! I wrote the Ultimate Guide to the SDLC in 2010. The Masterminds Software Development Standards helps our developers build top-tier commercial software products for Formidable [Read More…]

Auto Load Functionality

This plugin is a little different from others that you may have seen. It is based on the idea of the EA-Core-Functionality plugin by Bill Erickson & Jared Atchison. The difference being that the EA requires you to manually modify its main file to load each of your custom files individually. To use this plugin, [Read More…]

US Zip Code CSV

This is a CSV file containing fields for zip, city, state, and county. It can be used to create a Formidable lookup table. This file contains 53,962 rows.

Masterminds Codex App

These are the forms, views, custom PHP, jQuery, and CSS used to build the Formidable Masterminds Codex. This should be used as a training tool and example to learn how to build your own custom application with Formidable Pro. It can be used to help you build your own codex for any software app or [Read More…]