FF Select2 Implementation

Have you ever wanted to add enhanced functionality to your FF dropdown fields? Using this code snippet you can add the functionality of Select2 to your fields. This will give you searching, and multiple selections within the field. If you want the dropdown field to save the multiple options selected, you must select Multi-Select on [Read More…]

Form Timer w/ Auto-Submit & Redirect

Form Timer w/ Auto-Submit Have you ever needed to put a timer on a form?  Running a quiz or test or some type of timed registration?  With Form Timer w/ Auto-Submit you can do just that.  Simply import the purchased JSON file to your Code Snippets Plugin,  add the shortcode to a page or post [Read More…]

Export Formidable Form Information to CSV

This code snippet will allow you to export all of your Formidable Forms Field Names, Field IDs, and Field Keys, into an organized CSV file. This will help you keep organized for very complicated projects. It’s simple and includes a shortcode for you to add to any WordPress page or post, where you want the [Read More…]

W3C Accessibility Statement Generator[digital]

What is the W3C? W3C is the acronym for the World Wide Web Consortium. The W3C’s commitment to lead the web to its full potential includes globally promoting a high degree of usability for people with disabilities. The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is a universal drive of the W3C. WCAG 2 International Standard At this [Read More…]

Cloud Upload for Formidable Forms

A Formidable Forms Addon that allows for the sending of media items to an S3 compatible bucket. Store your uploaded files to Amazon AWS S3 or Digital Ocean Spaces with ease! Important Features Bucket Name – if a bucket doesn’t already exist, a new one will be created. Large File Wait Message – add a [Read More…]