International Dial Codes

Screen capture image of developers directory registration form section showing international dial code and phone number

Please answer these questions:

  1. Does your business attract Global visitors?
  2. Do you collect contact information through Formidable Forms for these visitors?
  3. Do you want to add an International Dial Code lookup field to your forms to automatically concatenate it to the phone numbers you elicit?
  4. Do you want to learn how to do cool things like this with Formidable?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, download this free International Dial Code form and its entries. This form consists of 4-fields:

  1. Country
  2. ISO Code (2-character)
  3. International Dialing Code
  4. User ID

There are 252 records making this an ideal candidate for a lookup table. We created this content to work with our Developers Directory Registration form and are making it available to you as a free download.

Bookmark our tutorial for adding International Dial Codes to your forms. This free download is provided "AS-IS" without any support from us.

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